Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acadia National Park

We've been having the most amazing weather up here for the past couple of days, 45 and sunny. Greg and I decided to spend the day in Acadia National Park and soak up some of those glorious rays. We only live about an hour from Acadia and since we had nothing else to do we decided to make a day out of it and bring a picnic along as well. Greg made these amazing pork sandwiches with pickled red onions and carrots on homemade pitas topped off with our greenhouse spinach. Oh man they were so yummy.

We also packed a jar of green olives and some stewed yellow eyed peas and chocolate chip cookies. I'm salivating just thinking about the yummy picnic we had.
We decided to set up out picnic on the hugs pink granite rocks that make up the acadian coast line. What a perfect day, yummy food and a breath taking view.  

After our picnic we decided to take advantage of the low tide and walked long the edge of the water on the big beautiful rocks. We found an amazing tidal pool that was filled with so much life. Tons and I means tons of sea urchins (which happens to be one of my favorite underwater creatures), periwinkles, seaweed, mussels, and crabs. AMAZING!!! As we walked further down  cliffs started to form and we had to move up to the path at the top of the rocks. We came along to this amazing cliff that was about 100 feet in the air. I decided to throw huge fistfuls of pebbles off the edge. I love the sound pebbles make when thrown into water. They make this incredible noise which reminds me of someone gulping.  It's one of my favorite sounds. It was a wonderful day, I hope to get back there as soon as I can.

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