Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Andrew Neyer

                                                       ~ Dudes at a Campsite ~

I've recently fallen in love with Andrew Neyer's artwork. He's an incredible artist who draws mundane but nonetheless hilarious scenarios like a man taking a bus ride with his dog or some "dudes" camping.  He makes prints, drawings and zines, many of which are sold in his online store.  I love how childish he is in his work. They're simple scenes but are executed with complexity and detail in such a creative and simple manner. My favorite drawing is "Dudes at a campsite". It is possibly the most  hilarious piece of art I've ever encountered. I mean c'mon! putting a bandaid on a blister while "roughing it" in the woods is hilarious. And the man in the plaid drinking with his foot resting on a log = genius. Check him out and buy some of his work.


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