Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Recently I've been obsessed with daydreaming about my future country farm house and farm, that I've been stalking every cute, rustic, farm related website as possible.  It's become my new hobby. Baileys Whitecross Farm is one of my favorite sites. It's this amazing store/ workshop/ art cafe in Herefordshire county, England owned by Sally and Mark Bailey. They've recently restored the old Whitecross farm and turned it into a beautiful store.  They've written two wonderful books as well, Simple Home and Recycled Home, which are both about their style and aesthetic of beautiful well made items and how they can work in a home.  You can purchase some of their wonderful home accessories here.

I love this idea for shelves. Greg and I are looking to move and we will need a shelving unit to house all of Greg's books and my trinkets. We both love old apple boxes and I think this will be perfect as a new addition to our ever growing large collection of furniture.  The only thing is how to secure them together and to a wall to prevent a castrophe from happening? I'm probably going to have to find 16 of the same old wooden boxes and then nail them together and maybe even use some glue. It looks like the Bailey's folks have this one attached and floating on a wall. I'm pretty sure ours will have to sit on the floor. Greg's book collection is massive and at times ridiculous and out of control. I'll keep you all posted on my progess in finding all the parts to make my very own apple box shelveing unit!! In the mean time here are some of my other favorite items from their Farm and pictures from their books.


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